Psychological dysfunctions in women with bronchial asthma may lead to the decreased interest

Psychological dysfunctions during the bronchial asthma are clearly described in the researches of many scientists. Most patients have uncontrolled reactions in the nervous system after the attack/bronchospasm.

  • Anxiety
  • High nervous irritability
  • Irritation
  • Mood swings
  • Depression

In addition, reactions may be polar. They can be depressive one day, or an excessive agitation happens the other day.

The panic disorders during the bronchial asthma are often observed, and many patients need a psychological aid. However, not all realize it, and depression and neurosis-like state is completely normal for some people.

Bronchial asthma is a chronic disease and restricts the human life activity. Due to this, a person feels sick, inadequate, and not like all the others. A patient may develop serious psychological disorders without qualified support of doctors.

Women are especially sensitive to the abnormal development of the personality. Moreover, they are more subject to a focused attention from other people, and a general physiology invites to a development of the psychological dysfunctions because of the regular change of the hormone level.

The treatment of the psychological dysfunction in women with the bronchial asthma is a rather simple process for a qualified doctor. A common psychotherapy will help to regulate the emotional state and easily control reactions in the nervous system. Some attacks of the irritability or anxiety appearing after the attack will be taken by a woman as a common event, and will not influence on the behavior.

However, if the qualified aid is neglected, more negative consequences may appear besides the common emotional disorders.

According to the results of the clinical researches, about 34% women with psychological dysfunction associated with the bronchial asthma suffer from the decreased interest.

A decrease of the sexual drive (libido) is a result of the unstable psychological health. Due to the frequent depressions, apathy, nervous disorders, a woman does not feel attractive and beloved. The symptoms of the bronchial asthma increase these thoughts. A woman will not have a high libido during emotional depression. And conflicts and misunderstanding may appear even in the family.

An accelerator of the decreased interest may not consist in the bronchial asthma only. Any chronic disease forms a feeling of the abnormal development of personality. Therefore, any person needs a quality and in time psychological support during the chronic diseases. It may prevent the development of the psychological dysfunctions and relevant consequences.

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